• I just realised that a shimano spacer isn’t necessary on reynolds wheels. I have always used c24 wheels previous to this and thought it was normal for shimano cassettes to run a spacer. Now the cassette is spaced correctly and the chainline is perfect too. I have being getting weird noises lately with the chain on the 52 front ring and the last 3/4 cogs and now all is fixed. It also seems to be running more silently as well. WIN
  • The front di2 shifting is already super impressive as i have previously noted. Still, due to me trying to solve the above issue i rewatched a couple of di2 installation guides and realised that shimano recommends a half degree tail in for the front cage. Anyone that sees me on my next ride ask for a test ride and shift the front derailleur. Simply out of this world shifting for a front derailleur. Sometimes the shifting is so instant you cant even hear the front shifting except the motor on the derailleur.
  • Still getting a sore left hip after pedalling over 30km or so. Need to sort this out but wont do anything before the cols ride. I reckon some careful cleat positioning should make it go away.
  • KCNC rotors are off the scott. They braked ok actually but after 1-2 rides on it it develops this loud ass grinding sound that is very disconcerting. Not worth the 50g saved so xx rotors back on.
  • Installed the Sid world cup and rotor stem and just by doing that the bike has dropped from 8800g to 8440g and that is including the extra 50g that came with the xx rotors. Less weight and more functionality? yes pls
  • SMUD carbon will make me a custom 34.9mm seatpost tailored to my weight and it should come in at around 110g for a 34.9mm seatpost with 350mm length. Very excited! Obviously more weight loss is good but more importantly i wanted a even more softer rider from the seatpost. The kcnc scandium is one of the better riding alloy seatposts around but carbon should be even better. *seatpost is pretty important on a hardtail to give you that extra compliance*
A couple of days ago i rode Mt Annan. Never mind i got swopped a couple of time by the mag pie. It’s only a bird. The more interesting thing i wanted to talk about is how i rode Kevs Lapierre. The Lapierre is a 100mm dually xc bike and the first impression i got was hmmm this isn’t a hugely different feel vs my scale. I don’t mean the setup of the cockpit (which was completely different) but more so how the back end felt. It didnt feel like it was that much more plusher. However the shock is set for kevs 65kg or so vs my 57-58kg so there is bound to be a difference there. Still, we are comparing a hardtail vs a dually here. It further emphasised to me how compliant the scale’s back end is. It doesn’t feel like a dually for sure but it definitely can be almost classified as a soft tail without the pogostick effect. Incidentally from the otherside of the view Kev instantly said he noticed that he was riding a hardtail. Just so you get the picture from both sides. I think perspective switching is easier from a certain perspective. I had the same feeling when i went from a rigid fork back to a suspended fork. It didn’t feel too different to switch back but switching the other way (from suspension to rigid) felt a lot more abrupt.

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