Garmin edge 500 menu update

You will often find yourself changing the Garmin 500 data fields to suit your requirements. After a couple of months i have finally gotten off my ass to modify the data fields to suit my current requirements.

Here is what i have ended up with after 10 minutes.

Page 1 – general riding

So just the most basic stuff + temp/time of day since i don’t wear watches any more on rides.

Page 2 is the climbing specific page. I am probably going to be in so much pain i wont be able to take in too much info either way. Grade % is useful and total ascent is good to see how much more pain is coming up.

Last page is specifically for race or chasing a hotlap or something. I had a think back at what info i needed in a race and its pretty much all here. Distance that ive done (so i can calculate how long till finish). Elapsed time to see if i am behind schedule or not and HR for general monitoring (really only useful for marathon type races). Lap speed is mostly for strava.

On a completely unrelated subject the crank on the right is what i will be using for the yeti. Too much xc and not enough am/trail goodness. Hopefully the yeti will fix that. I will be stripping the rings off and using a single 1x setup again. The cranks are just x.0 carbon cranks thats relabelled sram s2200 which specialized bikes uses. I wonder if the chainrings with x-glide tech shifts as well as xx rings. If so it is a must keep in the spares bin. Hmmm


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