My eurobike picks

Ragley 10-4. Very much new school trail bike. 100mm travel trail bike intended for a 140mm front fork. 67 degree HA should make this a fun and “cheaper” trail bike.

Canyon’s carbon spring seatpost. Aimed at hardtails and maybe roadies. Ingenious post that provides up to 20mm of travel flex.

Ritchey P-29er. If i had to get a 29er id start here. I mean look at it! Love the thin tubing especially around the headtube and the spec on this demo bike is spot on euro.

Yeti big top goes black. Now the carbon rear end flows into the mainframe smoothly.

I already use instamapper so my better half can track my rides in realtime but wahoo takes it to another level. Not only will she be able to see my location, she will be also able to see data like HR/AVG SPD/PWR etc etc. No real application for us folks but it might be useful for teams training or something.

This because Clifton should be riding one.


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