Camera shopping

It is time for a new camera. I like taking nice pics and a nice new camera would go well with our up coming holiday trip. Just like computers, cameras move at a phenomenally quick rate of change as well. One quick flash of your eyes and you feel like an absolute nub trying to pick a camera. After a quick look the only candidates i have come up with are the new Sony NEX-C3 and the even newer Sony NEX-5N.

They are both much cheaper than the X100 and i am much more of a techno nerd styling fan vs retro styling fan of the X100. X100 is nice, dont get me wrong! (kev dont shoot me). It helps that the camera is almost half the price as the X100 too! On top of it all the X100 has a fixed lens where as the NEX series has interchangeable lens. Is this a big deal? Not sure. Might be, might not be but the option is there i guess? I prefer manual dials but apparently the menus are well laid out on the sony and is less annoying then it seems. One of the touted points for X100 is lowlight performance. Kev constantly tells me how good it is in low light conditions vs GF1 and after some researching of the new NEX series they are also noted for their extremely good low light performance. Infact on DX0marks the NEX-C3 ($550) is rated to be pretty much ball park similar to the x100 interms of image quality/low light performance etc


The camera has what seems to be CRAPLOAD of features (as i expect all new camers will now) and is pretty responsive as well which is important for me. I hate lagging cameras. Only question is do i need the 18-55mm and the 16mm? or should i settle for the 16mm only or maybe the 18-55mm?

Here is some dude from digitalrev reviewing the C3. LOL@2 minutes. Who says that in a review?

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7 responses to “Camera shopping

  1. ley

    u just want to buy this camera so u can take more photos of ur bikes n bike parts -_-

  2. TOU93

    The 5N has been getting awesome reviews!! I read there alot because i have a Sony DSLR.

  3. kevin Fettucini


    If you can get you hands on one get a Olympus XZ-1…..played with it in Singapore…it’s pretty awesome…

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