Different GPS data

I have noticed this for quite a while now and many of you most likely have noticed it too. Even when your ride is completely similar to another riders their gps data will often be different to your own. The question is how much difference warrants concern?

Recently i was browsing through strava and I found one of Felix’s rides. It was a familiar route through cooks river path that i have done through to Kurnell but what was alarming was the 650meters of elevation. If you have ridden cooks river you will know it is practically flat. I looked back on my own ride and sure enough it recorded something like 100meters of elevation. Hmmmmmm. Then i took one of Felix’s biggest rides and sure enough garmin connect with elevation correction reported 1000m of elevation vs 2000m of elevation. This difference in gps data is imo enough cause for concern. When the data is so bogus what is the point? Using this as a cataylst i looked into it a little more and basically all gps data will be a little different always. However devices like the garmin 500’s and 800’s are always going to be more accurate then say iphone’s due to the inbuilt barometric altimeters.


In the end i realised that my garmin data is always going to be different to other garmin owners data but the difference between them is negligible. However if you are using an idevice or a cellphone with gps functions i would definitely look into your own data that you have collected and compare it to similar rides done by other riders using garmin devices (or at least any device with barometric altimeters built in) and see if it matches up roughly.

At the end of the day Felix should buy a freaking garmin already. LOL


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3 responses to “Different GPS data

  1. felix

    he won’t….he’s too tight ass

  2. TOU93

    ^^^* Hahaha.

    I’ve done the same loop using Strava on my iPhone and the elevation was about 100m different and the distance was about 1.2km different. Maybe I need a Garmin 200.

  3. lol totally should buy a Garmin

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