Going against what is acceptable

Have a look at this picture (look closely) and i bet $5 that some people will be rolling their eyes.

Race rubber on the rear and at best trail rubber on the front and 330g rims shod on both ends? Add the most XCest groupset you can find and the picture is complete.

I remember a couple years back where people would scrutinise your bike builds and point out that the wheels are too light for the “capabilities” of the frame and how the tyres needs to be chunkier. I have to admit even I gawked a little at seeing such a light wheelset on a 160mm travel bike but then i took a bit of time and realised that a) he might ride differently to me b) different trails c) guys freaking rich as and can afford to have spare wheelsets coming out of his ass (turns out the bike belongs to yeti uk distrubuter). When i realised this i started appreciating the bike build for what it is. I imagine it would be amazingly fun to ride too!



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