MTB on road

Rode to Kurnell on the scale yesterday for a change. That and i was dialling in the bike for the upcoming 50km around Loftus mega loop on Sunday. It is also my first ride after the cols and i am glad i gave 2-3 days of full rest before riding again (especially after reading Matt’s blog post). I pumped the tyres up to 30psi and rolled out with my fat race king tyres and to my surprise (or maybe not so surprising) was how fast the scale is even on tarmac. Holding 30km/h isn’t too hard and given DW has 2 good sections of road, this is of particular interest to me. What i am wanting to find out exactly is how much time i will gain over my yeti asr5-c that i have being racing previously. It is a world of difference in speed/weight/tyres so i am expecting some positive differences.

I am still coming to grounds with cornering on the scale offroad. Due to the relatively shallow threaded tyres i am a little iffy about cornering but from my experience i am playing it very safe. The scale can corner very fast (mostly i feel due to the lower center of gravity of a hardtail + lower front end meaning more grip to the front tyre) but also the race king tyres defy’s what shallow knob tyres can do. I just need to get used to the bike more and trust it more and cornering will come naturally. I have no doubt that after a few more rides and a few more tuning sessions with fork pressure it will be a monster around corners.

I also test mounted a cycle computer mount that i got recently on the scale and i love it. It’s a minor difference but i feel that it is in a better position and it is better looking too. Quite secure too with no indication of shaking at all. So good that i purchased another one when i got home straight away for the BMC.


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