Deus Ex Human Revolution

I played the original Deus Ex when i was fairly young. Back then i did not fully appreciate the deeper than normal storyline and nor did i appreciate the rpgesque feel. Forward 10 years and i am playing the new Deus Ex Human Revolution and it is definitely something up my alley now. It is very much a mixture between fps’s like counter strike/call of duty/medal of honor etc etc but with metal gear stealth elements thrown into it and rpg features like levelling up and upgrading “augmentations” to improve your character.

Feels like a very relaxed game with a very slick interface making you feel all bad ass as you sneak around the wall to put a headshot into your enemies head. Plenty of character interactions with good voice acting and multiple responses allow you to direct your own story too. Funny though, i always fail to choose the “bad guy” options. I must replay this game once i am done and be a complete dick lol


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