What glorious conditions to ride this morning. Not a cloud in sight. Warm sun. Perfect. Well, it seems like the walkers and pets thought so too so there was a massive influx of traffic on the shared cycle path. Still, we just cruised it and it wasn’t an issue at all.

Went into the TT not knowing what to expect but decided to go for it any ways. At the end of the day i think i have my old form back now. For the first time in a while i can say that i am pretty much back to pre-accident fitness. Felt really good near the start of Kurnell east holding 40km/h or so and everything was looking pretty good. I had not stressed the legs at all coming into the rollers so i knew i had a fair bit to give after them. Still, as soon as i hit the clearing the wind was buffeting a bit. Enough to cause me to lose about 5km/h. At the end of the day though strava tells me i managed a 10:12 and that is enough to tell me my conditions overall.

What i can’t tell though is why my left hip is still hurting after some effort. Well, i never did change the left cleat position so i think it is time to do that. Especially since i have noticed a few screws loose on my cleats too!

Brandon did well for his first Kurnell TT and a time of 10:38 is nothing to scoff at (shoulda got that roadie eariler eh?) and Felix has to be commended for riding 100km too (but no cred for drafting me on the TT though :p).

Nice warm up for singletrack heaven tomorrow at Awaba. Can’t wait!


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  1. hehe a great ride it was!

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