Ok, i am sick of singletrack

For these few days at least.

Took the long drive up to awaba yesterday (2hrish for me) and enjoyed the awesomeness that is one of my fave trails. It was a pretty hot day and i was glad i left the camelbak at home and instead opting to run bottles. We managed to squeeze out 4 laps before Nelson and I was satisfied and called it a day. Garmin was constantly having issues loosing signal especially through most of the switch backs but really the data wasn’t really valued any ways since we were just “trail riding”. First lap was done at a conservative pace but it sped up from there. Damn it is a good trail. There are certain trails where you go to and you look forward to 1-2 sections. At awaba there are so many good sections to look forward to that you don’t really hold out for one particular section.

Of most notable mention seems to be a weekend of run in’s with animals of my fave kind. Canines. On sat’s ride there was this black thing that would run into overly grown weeds and then crouch hoping his/her owner wouldn’t find her. What the dog probably didn’t know is the fact that a black dog in green weed is still plenty obvious. So cute. Then at awaba this other dog came running down with a downhiller. The dog was looking pretty awful as the heat must have taken it out of him. The dog ran to Nelson and I and wouldn’t leave knowing that water was nearby. Nelson shared some water with the dog but the dog still wouldn’t move. Finally the downhiller borrowed my phone and called his gf to pick them up in her van and the dog ran out from under Nelson’s car to a fresh container full of cool water. Men’s best friend indeed.


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