Mount Annan

This swooper holds a serious grudge against cyclists.

A magpie has been stalking mountain bikers on part of the Mount Annan Botanic Garden riding path for weeks, but leaves joggers and walkers alone.

The garden’s horticulture manager Dan Bishop said it was the only swooping magpie in the whole of the 1000-acre gardens.

“If you’re walking it doesn’t bother you, but if you’re on a mountain bike it gives you a lot of grief.

“It’s a frightening experience, but nobody’s been hurt.

“This particular one seems to have a thing for mountain bikers.

“It follows them for probably 200 metres or so while they’re riding.”

The magpie doesn’t attack groups of cyclists or riders who get off their bike and walk along.

“We’ve only had the track open for 12 months and this magpie, up until 12 months ago, was in an area of our garden that didn’t get heavy use.

“We’re hoping that the magpie will either move away to a part where he’s not going to be disturbed by the mountain bikers, or get used to the mountain bikers but it hasn’t happened.

“This is the second year really that it’s happened.

“It’s hard to tell, but it probably is the same bird: in the same location, with the same behaviour.”

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