New drivetrain first impressions

For some reason i was fairly anxious about the drivetrain change. I needn’t have being though since it still really rode like the same bike. I ended up with the following eclectic drivetrain choice and i might change things as i see fit later on as i ride it more. In fact i am pretty sure that i will change the front derailleur sometime soon.

Rotor 3D XC2 chainset
Dura-ace FD 34.9mm
XX Cassette 11-36
Sram 1091-R Chain
XX trigger shifters

I decided on the setup because i have seen the FD used on the chainset and on the same scale frame previously so i thought it would all work. Evidently not. The throw of the roadie FD is different to a mtb one and the reach is not quite enough for a convincing change. After filing and modifying the FD and doing some screwed up tuning methods i managed to get it shifting up and down. How well it shifts is another story though. Put it this way, i have absolutely no confidence in the front shifting and for the whole of today’s ride i stuck with my big ring. Running 40-36t was pretty darn painful up 20% inclinations but i guess i made it.

The rear is awesome though. It is like the polar opposite to the front. Rear shifts so smoothly and so precisely that i was grabbing gears more often than i need just for the sake of it. Cable stretched mid way into the ride but a half turn of the barrel adjuster on the shifter fixed that.

I was asked a few times what i think of the q rings but it is really early stages. Rotor quotes a 40hr time frame to get used to the q rings so i will be riding it more and posting up a proper review later. I know that i do not have the most perfect pedal stroke. In fact i would go as far as saying my pedal stroke sucks. On a mtb though this pedal stroke issue becomes even more exposed. Since you are often grinding a harder gearing instead of spinning it reveals issues with ur pedalling straight away. The easiest way i can tell is often by sound. If you ride on tarmac you will notice that coinciding with every downstroke your tyre would make a louder noise as you pedal. A smoother revolution should = even sound and a very poor pedal stroke is loud nothing loud nothing loud nothing ish kinda sound. You can also tell this easily by putting the resistance up on ur trainer and grinding.

The most noticeable thing that rotor q rings do for me is it smoothens it out. It is easy to tell because you cant really hear that loud nothing loud nothing sound as badly. I guess mentally that feels good knowing that i am pedalling smoother but i felt also like i used my calf muscles more. I felt a stress in my calf muscles mid way into the ride that i haven’t really felt before so maybe im using those muscles more. I am pretty sure it wont make a huge huge huge difference even when i adapt to it but i am sure that i will notice the unevenness of my pedal strokes even more on a regular chainring and that leads to what i think might be a potential issue with the rotor rings. You would effectively need to fit it to all your bikes to get a equal pedalling feel and that is a very troublesome/expensive exercise. Any ways, more info as i ride with it more. Shame it isn’t on the roadie so i can just go to kurnell and blast out a time and see if i actually really improved.

So far so good and i am just glad that the Scale still rides like the Scale (stupid, why would it not ride like the Scale Jing?).

edit :: another thing i forgot to mention is my left hip pain is a little muffled after today’s ride vs other rides. Not sure if it is just coincidence or the rotor q rings or something else completely unrelated. More riding needed.


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