I am in the lucky position to be able to eat whatever i want and not get chunkier. It seem’s like i have hit a parity with what i eat and how much i burn off to the point that i am always fairly similar in weight (although body fat is constantly going down 10%ish now). Still, i know i eat a lot of crap. I haven’t really given too much thought into what i eat but i know i eat a lot of junk and i know if i started eating more healthy i would probably see benefits too. So starting today i have started an approx food list of what i eat just so i can monitor how much crap actually enters my body. I have a feeling that if i am a little bit more picky with my food it will show results in my riding too.

Report back when i have completed a full week of eating normally and then using that report i can figure out what i can cut out or substitute with healthier alternatives.


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