I have never really trusted servos that’s unbranded and this mornings affair has confirmed it for me. It might be a case of bad luck (actually i am sure it is a case of bad luck) but i am going to steer away from independent servos from now on.

Was out of petrol so i went to a petrol station which will remain unnamed. Pumped fuel in, went to pay for it, came out, wait …. still 0km on range? Fuel needle still in same spot (just a nudge below E) and fuel warning light still on? Walked back in, explained the situation nicely and all i heard was




LOL alright ….

Basically, you can never tell if their pumps are calibrated properly and when something goes wrong (even as obvious as my situation) good luck explaining to the individuals serving you.

Caltex/Mobile/Shell/BP only from now on.


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2 responses to “Rorted

  1. TOU93

    When petrol jumps up in price so does the amount of liters my car takes. It’s a 45l tank and a normal fill usually takes ~38-40l. When petrol is expensive($1.50+) my car takes around 45l. How does that work out? I only use Shell too.

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