Rapha essential case review

$55 for this case. Expensive and imo not worth it. There are good things rapha does and there are things that is a complete rip. I am fine with good functional items with a premium but when it comes to under performing items with a premium i am definitely not so keen.

First of all, moisture still seeps through the leather case. That was the whole point of me using an iphone case as i did not want moisture to build up within the circuit boards. The zips are so hard to close and open now they piss me off each time. Finally, the coin compartment is pretty pointless as the coins fall out easily and then clang and rub into your valuable items.

Maybe i am a little harsh but when i pay $55 for a case i expect it to be freaking awesome. It isn’t. I would pay $10 for it but i guess real leather and Rapha will not come that chepa. Look wise it’s ok i guess if metrosexualness is your aim but apart from looking like it is fairly expensive it is pretty useless. I will probably replace it with some cheaper alternative that does not look as nice but does the job.


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