Drove down to Canberra yesterday to ride Mt Kowen. It wasn’t meant to be though. We didn’t really do enough research and the result of which is absolutely no idea where the trail started. Stumbled around for most part of 3-4hrs and only found a very new trail that’s in the build. Trail is so new that there is rocks everywhere and the trail was actually hard to ride due to the looseness and obstacles everywhere.


Towards the end of the ride i didn’t feel so good. Every effort made my stomach cramp and little by little it got worse. Went to pickup Ley at DFO afterwards and looked like shiet. By this point i was dizzy and dazed and just couldn’t take anything in. I felt like i needed to visit the loo and locked myself in the cubicial for 30 minutes. When i got up i felt something come up and tried to hold it down. Accidentally coughed whilst bending over and the dam wall burst. I never knew i could vomit so much. The angle of which the vomit came out was startling too. I had no idea how it could cover such a wide area of effect. To put it simply i vomited over my own legs and socks and shoes and i never felt more dirty. The thought of having to drive 3hrs back home with all this crap covering my legs was not a nice proposal too. It became apparent to me that i had food poisoning. My stomach was cramping hardcore and i generally felt beyond shit. Sutton forest maccas FU. I did feel better after vomiting though so that is a plus point.

Driving home from Canberra is always hardcore. I was struggling struggling struggling to keep my eyes opened so i pulled into the rest area for a 30 minute sleep. Kept my eyes open for the rest of the way home. Thank god. Got home and relieved myself in the loo and felt instantly 100% better. The hot shower made it 200% better but i still had no appetite. Any thought of food turns my stomach upside down and the only thing that was palatable to me was the cold oranges in the fridge. Ate two of them and called it a night.

Woke up this morning feeling good. No more stomach cramps but i went to the toilet to let out what i believe to be the last of the toxins in my stomach and was feeling super super freaking hungry. Still, i have no interest in real food atm so i ate another two cold oranges and drove into work. On the plus side i managed to find my wedding shoes and Ley got a fair amount of decent shopping done and we spent a solid 7hrs with each other and did not kill each other.

Here is a pic of Timmy stripping. I never knew you had to flex ur arms so much to undo a zipper …

Pics taken by Ley whilst i was enjoying the 7hr drive (not)


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