The gamble often taken by cyclists

I no longer get too frustrated by endless spills of rain on weekends. I have lost count of the amount of weekends where i have escaped with a early morning ride well before the rain arrived. The secret is dedication and motivation.

As i rolled out yesterday at 8am the sky looked as dark as 6am. Ominious clouds was everywhere and i wasn’t sure it was a good idea to ride 100km on such a day. Kingsway to Cronulla came and i made a decision to keep pushing on through natio. Once i was actually in natio the clouds cleared up and slivers of blue shone through.

Experienced one of the most magical moments in my cycling life so far yesterday. Climbing out of waterfall there was absolutely no cars. The sun light was struggling through the clouds and the visible beams shone through the forest canopy. Due to the strong wind conditions yesterday bundles of leafs were falling all over the ground around me and in front of me. Truly magical. It looked like a scene out of twilight where everything was glimmery and beautiful but without the teeny bopper fans.

The wind got a little crappy from Kurnell but the sun was truly out. I bathed in the warm light and pedalled home struggling to overcome the 30km/h wind that was blowing my wheel left right and centre. It always fascinates me how the wind knows to position itself dead on right in front of you on the climbs of the day.

So i finished the day with 100km and about 1000m of elevation. I like this route because it has a little of everything. Flats/Roads/Hwys/Climbs and whilst i wouldn’t call it an easy ride it was fairly easy for me this time round. It can only get better if i start riding it at 6am instead of 8am as the traffic would be pretty much non existent at that time of the day.

If you are stalking BOM the night before a ride, trying to figure out whether it is going to be appropriate conditions or not, know this, it is almost always the right conditions for a ride as long as you are mentally up for it. Very rarely is the weather to blame for a 100% no riding. Keep your mind clear and the sky will follow suit.


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