Another productive weekend

Had the bridal party over for a bonding session and everyone got along pretty well which was good. Always good to introduce a bunch of new people together and see them laughing together and not at each other. We ended the night with some board game action.

I also got sick on friday so my plans of riding didn’t exactly work out too well. It is coming up to my wedding now and as promised there will be a 1 months curfew on riding so i will get to know my trainer quiet intimately again. I am thinking of doing some hard intervals to offset the recent longer rides that i have being working on. That might work out well (or might not i am no cycling coach). I still love perving on my road bike so when i see the right moments i will grab my camera. It dawned on me that a few quirky points are important to me for a roadie. I like a non round seatpost. I am OCDish so aligning the saddle left and right pisses me off greatly. BMC post is awesome. Not only does it not twist left and right it so it is always aligned perfectly, it also runs a quill stem mechanism so the post never loosens. Not sure why the 2012 slr01 went back to the original clamp when the old version works so well (might be due to my lightweight).

The next day was our pre wedding shoot with Matt. I was a little nervous about the shoot a few days leading up to it but i worried for no reason. Shoot was actually fairly fun and a “journey” in its own way. Thanks to Matt for making the day enjoyable. I guess that is pretty important, to actually enjoy the photoshoot. If you guys need a photographer you know where to go!

I took along my camera for no particular reason but ended up getting some shots off. The camera just makes it so much easier to capture moments in my life and i appreciate it for that reason alone. Now for a smaller quality pancake lens…

Got home and had some left over hotpot to warm ourselves up. Something very communal about eating hotpot since you end up spending a fair amount of time together cooking the food as you go. I think that is my fave part of hotpoting.

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