R.W.B Selling out?

You might have noticed some of the old porsches i have being posting up on this blog with rivetted fenders. Those are creations of Nakai san of R.W.B. R.W.B itself is a tuning house dedicated to “mostly” tuning old school porsches.

Nakai has actually being around for a long time but only recently became a worldwide name in automotive tuning. I first laid eyes on his porsches 3-4 years back and instantly to me i knew the guy had an “eye” for it. For what you ask? Well, an eye for knowing what looks good. Before all this stance movement and people trying to cram the biggest and lowest offset wheels onto their car it was known to a few in the industry that simply knew that a car with flush fitting wheels = tougher look or stance as they call it now. Anyways……….

Nakai has built not only R.W.B but gave the branding it’s x-factor. An invaluable branding image that you can’t simply create with money. Recently though R.W.B has being expanding. Nakai travelled to UK/Thailand/USA recently and created a few R.W.B porsches in each of the countries and predictably people are crying foul.

It is the age old story of an innocent person getting corrupted by fame and fortune and people are scared Nakai will fall into the same situation. I can understand their cries of despair but i don’t care too much for it too. R.W.B has specifically stated that even though there are branches around the world now it is still Nakai that will be building the cars. What that means is each car is crafted personally by him and that there will be only a few made every year. Smart move. They obviously know the branding goes further than just the wide arches. The branding is Nakai’s charisma to an extent. It is inevitable that businesses will expand when they become successful and this is probably the least intrusive way to “sell out”.

To me though it doesn’t matter. I think back now to when i first spotted the menacing matt black porsches in my options mag and even before i knew Nakai’s name i knew that his “got it”. When you have it you will never lose it and no matter how many branches he starts Nakai will always “have it”. Don’t focus on R.W.B as the brand. Focus on Nakai as the brand. If you do this, it really is irrelevant how many R.W.B’s around the world there is. It doesn’t matter if fatlace or VAD is involved. After all, R.W.B = Nakai.

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