Everyday i put on the same face

A blog is often, i feel, a growing organism. It makes sense too as your blog grows along with you. The other day i was taking passport photos and comparing my old passport photo with my new one i realised how much older i looked. It was easily visible even though i am an asian and asians usually dont age till like 50 or something LOL

This girl has taken that point quite literally though. Click here She has opted to post a picture of her everyday for the past however many years. I am sure at one point most of you have blogged in your life. You should all know how hard it is to keep a blog going then. Imagine this girl though … to put on make up everyday to take a photo is just incredible amounts of effort totalled together.

Personally though what really got my attention is her latest pictures where she has a little bit of aging showing. We all age, sure, but to a girl it can be a touchy topic. To date it on the internet for all to see is a entirely different kettle of fish altogether.


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