Editing pictures

I don’t know why but the best moment is when i come back from an event and i have a lot of pics to sort through. I think it is because i dont do it professionally and as such i can just process whatever pics i feel like. I saw a “how-to” guide from SEAN KLINGELHOEFER this morning and i knew i had to try it out.

Thing with pro photographers are that the “how-to” guides are at best a vague look over. Their career depends on their skills and rightly so they protect it as best as possible. I still remember when Easton Chang was a budding photographer taking photos of my car. He was one of the first to do rig shots here in Aus i believe and he swore me to not tell anyone how he did it.

Going over Sean’s guide it was obvious i had a lot of work to do. I never edit images this way. Usually my editing is very linear and it encompasses the full frame of the picture itself. What the top guys do is break apart the picture in different “problematic” sections and tackle them one by one. I tried it for around 1-2hrs and finally got some okish results. Surely with a lot more practice it will be better and surely i will develop my own style. I realised that you definitely need to have a good set of eyes to be in this field. If you don’t know what looks good it makes it super hard to take photos or edit photos. The way i edit photos is simple. I edit it until i think it looks good.

Here is the original pic



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