Stromlo weekender

Spent the last weekend in ACT riding the best trails in Australia. Super great times with perfect weather, great friends and a lot of laughter (some at the expense of others). Here are two of the better videos i uploaded from the weekend. Make sure you click to view the videos on youtube so you can get the hd res which makes it that much sweeter!

East Kowen – Sideshow onwards

Stromlo – Luge/skyline downhill



Just went to Appin for the first time in half a year. I took the freshly rebuilt Yeti and it was an afternoon of fine tuning. It has become better but it is still not 100%. The overall feeling i get is everything isn’t meshing 100% like a finely tuned machine should be. I have a good idea what needs to be done now so i will focus on that.

1st lap was interesting. Subtle changes to the trail in the past half year made me relearn my lines but by 2nd lap i was feeling much much better. Holy crap it is fun to MTB.

Since i have gone through periods of absolutely no riding and then back to riding i have noticed something very peculiar.  Sure, if you dont ride for 2-4 weeks you lose a fair amount of your fitness. However, i have found both times that when i start riding after a period off the bike something else that was a problem for me no longer is.

How do i explain it, it is almost like as if my brain needs time to sink in all the riding i have done. The time away from the bike allows it to seep right in. After coming back the first thing i noticed on the road bike was i no longer had a fear of going downhills fast on a road bike. After my accident i was always held back by something at the back of my mind. Now, it seems normal again. It is almost like mental recovery?

Today on the MTB for the first time i noticed that i was cornering better once again and using my body movements much better. I am starting to corner differently to previously where i really exaggerate my bodies motion to help me get through the corner and stay low.

I am not sure if this happens to everyone but maybe you have felt it too? Maybe you noticed that your fitness went down after a long break but one of your bad riding habits has lessened after a longer than average break?

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Yetis done! Although i might go back to my 9spd x0 for that chunky shift feeling.