Keen eyes amongst you will notice that i advertised this car for Kevin on my blog in the not so distant past. Well…As it has turned out, i was the one that bit the bullet. How funny, the advertiser purchased the advertised vehicle. Kevin is super anal so the S15 is in possibly the best condition a S15 can be in. These cars gets thrashed, drifted and crashed so i decided to snap up one of the last remaining good examples before they become extinct. First owner and 70k on the clock it has being looked after with the best motul oils and when i give it a bit of gas it doesn’t even blow any smoke. Perfect. Bodywise/paintwise it has being looked after as well. Not one dint on the whole car on my last wash.

Still, the car is made for the circuit. Tasty mods like AP Racing, ARC, Tomei, Nismo, Tein, Defi etc etc grabbed my attention and the rest was history.

I am not one for powerful cars. In fact, the only thought that goes through my head when i drive this car is “why does one need so much power?”. I do believe that once i am on the track again it will explain everything. Can’t wait!

I used to not work on my cars at all and rather just send it all to my mechanic but after working on my own bikes i want to try working on my cars too. I have being collecting tools and so far i have a nice jack, jack stands and soon to be a sidchrome socket set.

Here are some pics i took yesterday after a drive through RNP. I can’t stop looking at the cars side profile through shop front windows. It has such a nice side profile that’s just so sleek and low. Mmmmmm


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One response to “S15

  1. haha, funny plate! it’s white too, will fit in nicely with all the other Apple products!

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