Time for a change

I am selling my Yeti and Scott to make way. That and i might need some funds to get the roadie up and running again….

$3200 for the yeti. Everything as picture except crankset is replaced with XTR and thomson stem is replaced with sunline 50mm or you can choose between a few others i have.

  • Yeti 2011 asr-5 carbon small 16″
  • Fox 2011 kashima tapered qr15 f120 recently rebuilt and yeti custom stickers applied from slikgraphics
  • Sunline 50mm stem
  • Truvativ noir carbon riser bars
  • Elixir XO 160mm front 160mm rear
  • Sram x0 9spd shifter
  • Thomson elite seatpost
  • Fizik carbon braided gobi
  • Easton haven wheelset
  • X-trail 2.4 and 2.2 race sport tyres
  • XTR M970 crankset in 1×9 config
  • Sram x0 9spd rear derailleur
  • XT cassette 11-34
  • XTR chain
  • XTR trail pedals
  • E13 xcx st guide

$3800 for the scale. 8.5kg race bike built with the best parts.

  • Scott scale 35 2011 aka 899 medium 17″
  • Sid worldcup tapered maxle lite carbon steerer
  • Kcnc scandium seatpost
  • Selle team slr
  • Scott 90mm stem
  • Syntace 630mm vector carbon handlebar
  • Edge ultralite bar ends
  • XX shifters
  • XX brakes
  • Rotor 3d double crankset 40/29
  • Xtr pedals
  • XX rear derailleur
  • XX front derailleur
  • Sram pc1091r chain
  • Xt 11-36 cassette
  • Smud carbon seatpost clamp
  • ZTR stans notubes alpine wheelset
  • Continental race king 2.2 race sport front and back (will come with two more race king 2.2 race sport tyres brand new for spares)

Disclaimer :: Wife not included


Trek Domane

Nice anagram on the madone name. Basically more comfy varient of the madone.

OMG the net is down and i am hotspotting from my vodaphone iphone. You just know this is a war that you can’t win.

edit :: OMG now the net is back but i decided to format my computer since i had nothing else to do.


My poor BMC

The accident i had was a head on crash. It is significant enough that i am no longer able to trust the frame. I certainly wouldn’t want to risk injury or worse for a couple of thousand dollars and i doubt anyone would either. The guy i crashed into had insurance so hopefully all will go smoothly.

I went into TBSM to get them to write up a quote for me today and what is my supposed new bike once the insurance pays? SLR01. I have gotten used to the SLR01 and i love how smooth riding it is. It is the same road bike that i have always wanted and even untill now nothing really grabs my attention in quite the same way.

So once the insurance pays i will be asking TBSM to order me one of the 2012 SLR01. Hopefully i will be able to get it in the new matt black finish pictured below.

Here is some food for thought. If you didn’t have cycle insurance you might want to consider it. Here is the damage quotation from a “simple” accident. Sure many would argue that you should ride a cheaper bike for just pottering around and leaving your super weapon for sunny weekends, but the truth is, accidents happen any time and anywhere. I think i will be looking up insurance very soon.

BMC SLR01 50cm $4,895.00
Shimano Durace Di2 Rear Derailleur $900.00
BMC Derailleur Hanger $30.00
Zipp 2011 404 Front Wheel Clincher $1,639.00
Speedplay zero stainless pedals $249.95
Selle Italia Carbon Neo SLR Flow saddle $319.95
Continental GP Attack Front tyre $89.95
Tube 700c $10.00

This is XC?

The other week i watched the complete first round XCO at Pietermaritzburg and holy crap it is crazy. I was cringing everytime the girls hit the tech section because they all looked like they were about to crash. The guys handled it fine but it was still sketchy as. If you have the time i highly recommend you watch the complete race.


This is just one of the simpler drops on the course.

That’s a wrap!

Another year, another Mont.

I would like to start by congratulating and thanking everyone.

Congrats to Churchy’s team for podium. It is never easy and you guys are always up there.

Congrats to Trieu’s team for podium. It must be rewarding after so much hours in the saddle.

Congrats to the three man ss team that did a total of 23 laps. Insane.

Congrats to Jarod’s team for assembling the guys that was walking around the transition areas with beer in hand. Always a good sign. Oh yeah, Jarod did a decent lap time too 😛

Thanks to Tai for lending TBSM’s gear to keep us not freezing during the night. Life saver. Thanks to Tai and Timmy for standing in for Kevin and I.

Congrats to both our teams for completing the event. Words cant really describe what you feel when you are there in the middle of the night at 3am sending ppl out on their night laps. Knowing how hard it is and knowing people committing to it is everything. Everyone did so well just to ride i reckon.

This years Mont was a very ill prepped one from our end. It was surely due to the loss of motivation after my accident that i didn’t tighten the noose on my team mates and organise stuff more but everything was just soooooooooo last minute. We met up at around 4pm and then had to do last minute shopping. We arrived in Kowen around 9-10 and it was fooken freezing. It was a wakeup call to what was to come (as always).

Morning came and i awoke to Nelson’s accent (haha). We setup camp and started a last minute check over on our bikes before finally heading over to the start line. 12pm came and another Mont was under way. Everything seemed a blur from here on out. I had around 5 hrs of sleep the previous night so i was already tired from that but i was determined to stay up and help the teams transition. I know they would be under more than enough stress already. Dusk rolled up on us way too fast and before we could even say “turn the heater on” it was freezing cold. Kev and I sat in the team camp to an ever changing group of riders and it was all very interesting. It reminded me of those mtv songs with that time lapse background where everything just kept moving around you. It was like that…but maybe without the music and the moving subject replaced with riders. I realised that this allowed me to talk to almost everyone. This position actually allowed me to socialise with everyone quite well. Something that i treasured.

Kev then at one point left to go to sleep and i was alone waiting on a smaller and smaller group of riders. Occasionally i would hear the sound of freehub approaching and light beams darting around randomly signalling that someone had come back. Many of them came in looking like they just saw a ghost. Completely quiet but absolutely famished. After about 4-5am nothing made sense any more. Funny how quickly your cognitive ability goes out the window as the night goes on. The -4 degrees reported on our garmin wasn’t helping too. Taking a piss is the equiv of sticking your doodle in the freezer. Not pleasant.

The gas heater started dying around the early hours of the morning and i migrated to Timmy’s car and turned the heater on. Bad mistake. Instant sleep ….. Luckily day time was pretty much here and our last guys decided to transition back at the camp meaning my job was pretty much done. By this time i felt like living death. Why do we do this is the common theme of the night but predictably as 12pm on Sunday approached our spirit rose and rose. We were not far off completing another 24hr event! Everyone put in a little more effort and before we know it we were walking down to the transition to see our last rider back. What an amazing 24hr. Sure i didn’t ride 1km during the whole weekend but as i already knew, there are multiple ways to be involved with riding. This was just one of those ways.

Congrats to everyone once again and see you (maybe) next year. Rest of the pictures are on my Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/jdc5r/sets/72157629298583876/

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New Scott Scale 650B

2013 might be the year you will see this bike included in Scott’s line up. Recently used by Nino to win the first round of world cup XCO. I tuned in to watch the full race and i am reminded everytime how good of a bike handler he is. Insane guy for sure. Apparently they did some testing and found the 650B (27.5″) system to be a good compromise between the low front end position nino likes and the advantages of a 29er bike.

His race bike is 7.8kg and his a fanatic weight weenie. Nice.

How much does he look like Gije!? 😀

X.0 Trail brakes

New brakes from Avid. Apparently stronger power then XTR trail brakes and still light at around 205grams a side without cps hardware/clamps so probably 250g a side once everythings counted for excluding rotors. Probably too much power for me but i guess braking is one of those things that gets more useful the harder you ride. Of more interest is the new 170mm rotor standard. Might be good for those 29er riders wanting a little more power but not exactly 180mm power. Not a massive deal but if you had the choice before you purchased 160 or 180 rotors it is appreciable.

Mont 2012

Mont 2012 is this weekend and what an interesting weekend it will be. I had a pretty major accident once again last friday which has incapacitated my right arm and hence why i have had to pull out of the mont once again. It always seems to be the mont. Every single one of my major accidents all situate around the rough time of the Mont 24hr race. Cursed? Maybe.

This time i was pottering along at 20km/h on the cooks cycle path and entering a downhill blind corner i suddenly noticed that there were two riders riding towards me. Abreast. Oh shit …… I smacked into the guy that was on  my side of the cycle path straight on and the impact was pretty major. For 2 days i deliberated from visiting the hospital because i was absolutely scared that i had to go in for surgery again but self preservation kicked in after two days and the pain not receding much at all. I was sure i had broken something. Walked into the emergency ward once again for the 3rd time and got down to business and the best way i could describe it was i handled it like a pro. Pro in that i have visited the emergency ward one time too many. The Dr asked me WTH i was doing on the bike again after my previous two accidents and i could only return a grimmacing half smile. What else could i say to make her understand why i do what i do?

The anxious wait ended and the Dr pulled me into the room where they told me nothing was broken. I was so elated that that moment i wanted to cry. As i type this i have regained a little bit of useage of my right arm. I would say my arm is about 50-60% there. I can pickup an iphone but anything else will cause searing pain. Apparently i bruised my muscle tissues badly and it would take some time to heal. Whatever, no broken bones and i can’t be happier. I have being giving some serious thinking about riding though. As you can imagine my wife ain’t too happy about this. She made a very good point that made me think deeply on this.

“Jing, it is always an accident, unless you are purposely veering towards a pole mid ride any of your falls will always be an accident”

I understand what she’s saying and i guess there is always going to be a justification for why i have my “accidents”. It no longer is good enough to simply say “oh the road was crappy” or “it was completely out of my control, i wasn’t even going fast!”. Knowing this i thought about my riding a little and thought about it some more. It became seriously hard to figure out what i could do to change my riding patterns to both satisfy myself and also my partner who i respect hugely. I broke down all the little aspects of riding that i like and dug deeper and deeper into why i was riding 7hrs a week. Stripped away of superficial reasons i figured out why i was doing what i do.

I ride so much because of my pride.

When it all comes down to it it has everything to do with my pride. Hear me out for a sec here.

It is a funny thing. I consider myself a decent rider….but not really too. When i step back and look at my abilities i know that i am probably better than the majority of humans in this world but when i look closer i am not even close to some of the people i know and many i dont. As such what do i do? I set myself realistic goals. I bench my performance on people that i know, friends that i ride with and i am fairly happy with where my speed ranks there. Notice how i say speed, i think by even me saying speed is something that is a slight issue. Ever since i have gotten the road bike i have veered to riding road more and more partly because it is accessible, partly because it is a great builder of outright speed/stamina. However, i would caution a guess to say that around that time, my riding has changed a little too. I would say i started having less fun on the bike overall. Strava has come and further pushed me and perhaps many others down this hole as well.

Before i go further i would like to state that this is obviously my own perspective. To people with different priorities strava is a godsend but the more i think about Strava, i feel as if, it has taken a lot of the fun out of my riding. I never used to log MTB km’s because i simply used to go out there and just have fun. I never cared if i stopped in the midst of a segment to wait for friends but now all i do is ride to a segment start and think about how to beat the KOM. Sure this is a great way to challenge yourself but challenging yourself will only get you so far. Again this depends on your priorities but for me, the more i think about it, the more i think that i would like to take a step back.

Gone are the days when i met with Justin and we just farted around pushing each other technically and just “playing” on the bike. Right now, all i hear is people finding a segment on Strava and trying to beat each other. My long winded point is this. When i took the time to inspect myself i found that a lot of the riding i do isn’t all that fun anymore. Sure the social thing is awesome but i could socialise anywhere with my friends. My riding buddies are such good friends now that we no longer need to be riding to enjoy each others company. The 100km rides i do is just ticking kms off. They are for sure not fun and i only do it to keep myself progressing in terms of riding fitness.

Still, right now, it is really hard for me to change my views on my own riding. Like i said i know i am not a king shiet rider but i know that i have reached a certain level too. For me to give up that certain level is really hard and i know when i see riders that were previously slower than me fly off into the distance it will be an even harder moment to swallow. Still, this is where i realise that maybe i am too proud. I am too proud to just simply have fun. If you told me to meet you at 9am for a ride and ride 10kms i will most likely scoff at you for suggesting such a short ride even though it could be heaps more fun than my 100km+ solo ride.

It started from me trying to figure out how i could minimise the chance of accidents and it turned into a full fledged look into why i ride. I want to be a little less proud of myself. This way i can let go and not feel so bad when i dont do a full 7+ hr week. I want to focus less on being the fastest in a group of people and instead focus on having more fun.

I realise a lot of people that read this blog are strava crazed atm and i am not rocking your boats at all. The above findings are simply related to myself.