My poor BMC

The accident i had was a head on crash. It is significant enough that i am no longer able to trust the frame. I certainly wouldn’t want to risk injury or worse for a couple of thousand dollars and i doubt anyone would either. The guy i crashed into had insurance so hopefully all will go smoothly.

I went into TBSM to get them to write up a quote for me today and what is my supposed new bike once the insurance pays? SLR01. I have gotten used to the SLR01 and i love how smooth riding it is. It is the same road bike that i have always wanted and even untill now nothing really grabs my attention in quite the same way.

So once the insurance pays i will be asking TBSM to order me one of the 2012 SLR01. Hopefully i will be able to get it in the new matt black finish pictured below.

Here is some food for thought. If you didn’t have cycle insurance you might want to consider it. Here is the damage quotation from a “simple” accident. Sure many would argue that you should ride a cheaper bike for just pottering around and leaving your super weapon for sunny weekends, but the truth is, accidents happen any time and anywhere. I think i will be looking up insurance very soon.

BMC SLR01 50cm $4,895.00
Shimano Durace Di2 Rear Derailleur $900.00
BMC Derailleur Hanger $30.00
Zipp 2011 404 Front Wheel Clincher $1,639.00
Speedplay zero stainless pedals $249.95
Selle Italia Carbon Neo SLR Flow saddle $319.95
Continental GP Attack Front tyre $89.95
Tube 700c $10.00


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5 responses to “My poor BMC

  1. David Choi

    Goodluck! I’m gonna buy some insurance too, especially since my GIOS is still dead. Should’ve learnt from that.

  2. David Choi


    A CAAD should be in every stable even as a back up/training bike!

  3. Billy Tang

    OMG! I hope u r ok!

    Btw what insurance company did u go with??

    • I am healing up good! It wasn’t my fault (the accident that is) so the insurance is carried out via the other party but i am going to go with a bicyclensw licence (which is what this guy had).

      $104 a year well spent.

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