Trying my hardest to get something resembling a road bike up and running before i start work again (more on that later).

Of course something is always set to go wrong though.

First of all the Caad10 frame runs a clip in cable guide near the BB and that is all fine and dandy except…..the Di2 junction box requires a bolt to secure it. Hmmmmm. Crap. I thought about sticking a nut in the BB but the tolerance for the crank spindle would be too close for comfort. So off i go to bunnings. Found some industrial strength mounting double sided tape and holy crap i have never seen such strong tape in my life. It stuck to my scissors as i cut through it and it was even hard to remove it from that. Ok i can trust this. Plus i figured that i have another two di2 cable holder stickers holding the cables on both sides of the junction box so even if the junction box comes loose it should be held on fine.

On top of this minor setback the rear brake cable is too short. So i need to get that sorted too. I also replaced the monster headset spacer that is known as caad10’s cane creek jobbie with supposedly “it will work” FSA but it has not worked. As soon as i tighten the top cap the headset cap touches the frame and i cant turn the bars. Will get some Cannondale dealer to sort that out i reckon.

Frame is 200-300g heavier than BMC but i think the more interesting fact is my position will be different on this bike. I think it will actually be more aggressive even though the tt is shorter by about 1cm. The caad10 is known as a cult bike in the cycling community but this caad10 is going up against a top tier tdf winning frame. How will it go? Review when i get some decent km’s in.


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4 responses to “Rushing

  1. David Choi

    Hey let me know when you work out what spacer will work.. that cane creek job weighs a tonne (in WW-land!)

  2. I got it working by taking out the whole bearing assembly from the BMC and dumping it in the caad.

    But supposedly this is the factory bearings used so i ordered one of these headsets and will be using the top section.

  3. David Choi

    thanks, that’s the one I was looking at on the CC site!

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