My new job has me working from Rosebery. Location wise it is a sweet one as i am fairly close. However i reckon the traffic on princess hwy during the morning would be pretty nasty. Hence why i have being thinking about commuting. My new work is right off the mascot cycle path and each way sees me doing 15km. I reckon it would be significantly less painful to commute.

I have being doing some research on what exactly i need and it has turned out to be another head f#$%. I have to consider how to transport my laptop/pants/shoes/shirts everyday (rapha backpack?) and then i have to sort out a commuter bike. What do i want in a commuter bike? Comfortable geo? Good braking? Should i make it a bike that will become a backup bike or do i build it as cheap as it is possible whilst still retaining good ride quality and practicality?

I have always liked this frame ever since Ritchey debuted it at nhabs. I would build it up with a relatively cheaper groupest and just use my fulcrum racing 7’s on it. I would never commute with tubulars and if i were to ride the caad10 to work i would have to change cassettes/brake pads/wheels every weekend. I don’t think could be bothered to do that. I guess in a way the caad10 will be ridden for big rides only on the weekend whilst the swiss cross would handle daily duties. The worst thing about this is i would be over complicating things and taking away riding time on the caad10.

Salsa casseroll. $500 for the frameset along with a cute front rack. Certainly the right choice in regards to budget. I wouldn’t care at all what id build this with as ultimate budget would be the key merit of this bike (think sora/acera/whatever that works). I would only use this bike for commuting though so the bike will have one and only one purpose.

Another option i was tossing up is a 29er hardtail on slicks. Obviously it would probably the safest out of all the choices with mtb geo and hydro disc brakes. It would be a super super cheap build once again. I keep thinking that it might be good to have a backup mtb but with my new 29er coming i dont see any reason why i would ride anything else if it rides like i think it does.

Or who knows, the facilities might be so awesome or i could bring the caad10 up to the office so i would have no hesitation in bringing that bike on my commute. Very confused atm. Oh well, more to think about and more to consider.

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4 responses to “Commuting?

  1. Nam

    Ever think you may just take things too serious sometimes?
    Maybe just jump on a working bike and ride man.
    Just saying, no offense.

    • Just the way i am. Everyone is different and this is how i do it.

      What is rude is imposing ur ideals and thinking everyone should think like you. That is where all disagreements in this world comes from.

      • Nam

        Just a thought mate – no need to interpret it as rude.

        And you’re jumping the gun by suggesting I was imposing an ideal on you.

  2. Eric

    Jing – i’ve thought about this previously as well and here’s where I struggle…

    you could buy a cheap beater, but you actually end up spending quite a bit of time on that beater, so I find myself saying “well shouldn’t i ride my good bike and enjoy all the riding?”.

    on the flip, no one wants to get their road warrior stolen or stashed in a tiny bike cage in the dungeon at work…

    i know this doesn’t particularly help, but just some thoughts lol

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