First ride in 3 month

Just did my first ride in 3 month. Never being in more pain. Doesn’t help that the roadie has all new contact points and it takes fucking ages to setup properly. Good motivation for me to keep riding and as i sit here, i have never felt more alive!


I am currently eyeing one of these frames. Didn’t really like it at the start and never paid it much attention. At some point though i started liking it more and more. It is weird because it isn’t usually to my taste what with the busy graphics and all. However, something just works for me. Maybe it is the classical shape, maybe it is the lugged construction or maybe it is some of the best reviews i have ever heard for a bike frame.

Let’s see how it goes i guess 🙂

Public opinions

So at work today, we started talking about cyclists and it dawned on me how touchy the subject is for certain people. It always strikes a nerve with certain people when i mention that i cycle and even between some of my very best friends i can always sense a little bit of tension. The type that is something along the lines of “i hate you gay fuckers but i won’t say anything because you are my friend”. It is interesting because i do sometimes get upset, more often then not, i am just content to sit there taking in the abuse. It is a funny position to be in actually. I don’t think myself better than those that like to give me a piece of their mind in regards to what they think of cyclist’s but i have to say that sometimes i laugh inside when i hear some of the things i hear.

Not only are the opinions uneducated but most of the time it always comes back to the single most common nature of all human beings. Selfishness.

I can’t really be fucked trying to convert anyone into thinking cycling is all that, it isn’t. Like many things in life, the best way to approach it is to look at it from a very far distance away and avoid it like a pile of dog shit.

Do you guys have any friends that are pro anti cycling? How do you deal with it and does it bother you?

In other news, i missed an auction for a Cervelo R5 frame. My max bid was $1550 and the auction ended at $1550 but to be truthful i am kind of glad. I am not riding much atm and i am much more stringent on my spendings in regards to bike related purchases when i am not putting in the hours. The most recent thing i purchased was some tubes a d-lock and cables and a backpack for commuting. Excitement plus …

I long for the days when i crank out over 100km per day but i am not sure if i have the drive to do that now without the support of friends riding with me. It all seem’s too unnecessary somehow. Kinda aimless in a way.

Gotta figure out a good way to approach it that doesn’t burn me out in the long run.

This year’s TDF was a big let down as well. It feels like a party that was missing all the right people. Still, congratulations to Wiggins for winning it. The race is probably hard enough just riding by yourself without any contenders.

I will leave you guys with this piece of eye candy. A nice bike indeed.

Long time no post

WOW, three month later …..

Time has really flown and i haven’t being riding as much as i should have. Let’s see if my new bike will fix that.

I present my first 29er. Niner Jet 9 RDO.

I think it looks pretty dialled but riding it will tell me the truth.

Let’s look a little closer …

For the first time i am straying from Avid and trying Formula. On this bike, of course only the best in the form of R1.

I also decided to employ the latest fad in mountain biking. Flex seatpost. As if 29er wheels reduced small bump compliance isn’t enough, i will have kashima tuned fork/shock complemented by the seatpost’s ability to further tune out any small vibrations. Should be smooth.

1x is good. Love the dual sided graphics of the race face chainring. The chain is managed by the new shadow plus XTR derailleur which means that i won’t need to worry about tubing up the chainstays.

Enve rounds out the cockpit along with a bulletproof and timeless 70mm thomson x4 stem.

Looking forward to riding my first 29er. In fact, i look forward to riding full stop.

In the mean time i also did some changes to the caad10. Bar was changed out to an alloy zipp setup and bar tape changed to pink with a nod to rapha styling. I must admit that i got this idea from Kev’s previous efforts which i thought was nice looking. On the wheel front, i had myself a custom set of wheels built. Kinlin xr200 + ultralite hubs + aero spokes. $350 and 1250g. Awesomeness.

Both of my bikes are blackblackblack. Here is a pic of them together.