Installed the Elixir X0 Trails and the brake feels completely different to previous x0’s. In a bad way.

It seems to have heaps of empty stroke. I am hoping it is just a bleeding issue. It is actually worse than the R1 at the current moment.

SIGH oh well, the bike is worth the trouble to get the set up perfect. It is part of the fun i guess.

Rode Manly Dam for the first time today and once again the trail has gone chunkier. Seem like a common theme as the track errodes more and more. Some section was weird and non flowy vs previously but overall the track was pretty good. The tech step up’s have gone chunkier and truth be told this is the one trail feature at MD that always worries me a little. Usually it takes me some luck to ride up both technical step up’s in one go. On the niner? First go…..followed up by a second lap…..

I am pretty sure it isn’t me. In this case it is definitely all about the bike.

Went to a farewell with my workmates yesterday night and it was a pretty interesting feeling. It is something that i had never experienced (with work mates any ways). I still believe that most people have a certain level of inhibition at work but there was non of that yesterday. Once the booze started flowing, the real you comes out. It felt like going out with a bunch of people with no guards up. Will never view certain people the same way on Monday again.

Tomorrow i am riding Appin with my good friends Kev and Clifton and then riding at SOP with my wife and Bethany. I think this weekend has being a good one. In fact, i realise that every one of my weekends are fun packed. I am a lucky guy.


edit :: It seems like the piston is migrating and resetting to the proper levels. All i had to do was tape down the lever to force the piston to migrate. Woot


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