Replaced the missing chainring bolt and torqued it all up to spec and also re installed the MRP guide which wasn’t installed properly previously. Fiddled around with the sus and today’s ride told me that there is still a bit of work to do to get it feeling the way i want.

It feels so weird atm like it has a combo of all the problems. First of all, the fork is harsh over bumps. When i lower the pressure it feels normal but the sag is way too much and i get heaps of wallow in the fork because im freaking using 40% of the travel just sitting there. Then when i pump it up it feels stiff as ….

Rebound also feels weird that a lot of the times the back and front feels like a pogo stick but at other end of the spectrum on consecutive bumps it feels like the rebound isn’t enough and is packing down over multiple hits.

Most concerning is that bouncy feeling. Really hard to describe but the best way i can put it is the bike feels like a pogo stick atm. I really have to set the suspension up on the trail but i am pretty sure that the front fork needs a rebuild. It always seems to be the case with a newish fork. On my second ride i saw oil weeping out of the top of the stanchion. Sigh …. why can’t it be perfect from the factory? Is it normal to expect to spend $150 on a rebuild of a fork as soon as you buy a new fork costing $1000? I know that you should open up the fork and check all the fluid levels prior to riding but that seems a bit absurd when the product in question costs $1000. You don’t exactly take apart your car suspension before you install it do you?

I have a feeling the bouncy feeling is also coming from the wheelset. It pings a lot off rocks and probably amplifies the incorrectly setup/mismatched suspension. Really annoying. I am hoping the enve wheels coming will fix that up and a fork rebuild will make it perfect. I can only dream right?

On the plus side the x0 trail brakes were a treat. Plenty of stopping power with the same feel of normal elixirs. Definitely noticed less hand fatigue from these brakes vs R1.

I am doing something with my roadie and once it all comes together i will post some pics. Exciting times for sure!

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