Hello old friend

Just took the slr01 for a shake down. Funny feeling. Like a new bike but not new at all. Feels like finally coming back home after a long time away overseas.

I made sure to record seat post height and bar tilt previously so it was a simple case of recalling those measurements. The only changes i have made is to go with a 100mm stem instead of the 110mm i ran before. However, the deda stem has a -8 degree angle vs the -6 of the old 3t. The other change is i have moved to a 420mm handlebar vs the 400mm of old.

Why the stem? Well, i compensated for the angle i guess. Why the 420mm bar? Hmmm, 400mm is actually the right length for my should width but taking a page out of mountain bike riding, i wanted a little more control and stability that comes from a wider bar. Sydney roads are so dodgy that i sometimes feel like i am riding cyclocross or something …..

Rest of the build is pretty similar. I have already dialed the parts in quite a bit so there isn’t going to be much changes if any. Specs as below.

Bmc SLR01 50cm
Deda Zero100 Servizio Corse White 100mm stem
Enve compact 420mm handlebar
Fizik microtex soft touch black handlebar tape
Passion of parts headset cap/titanium headset bolt
Barfly garmin mount
Complete dura-ace di2 groupset
KCNC Brake shoes
Enve carbon pads
Enve smart 6.7 clincher with chris king R45
Continental GP4000s 23cc
Speedplay cromo (need to upgrad spindles to ti soon)
Selle Italia SLR Carbonio Kit
Nokon cables
Rotor chain catcher
Aurendel Mandibles Matte 3k

Immediate feelings i got after jumping on the BMC after the caad10? The cockpit is actually higher. The front especially feels slightly higher. Probably due to the taller headtube on the BMC. The smoothness is all consuming. If the caad10 chattered over bumps, this bike feels like it is sucking in every vibration. Almost like it’s conforming itself to the imperfections on the road. Really weird feeling. I want to document this because, after a few rides, it will probably be normal to me. Not sure how much of this is due to the wheels and how much is due to the frame. That is the problem of whacking a great load of parts on a bike in one go vs doing it bit by bit with reference.

Still, i ain’t going to complain. Like i said previously, it feels so familiar yet also new. In some ways i feel like i know everything about the bike but in other ways my body/mind has already adjusted to the caad10’s ride. What i feel is the bike is much more stable vs the caad10. It might be becuase of the 420mm and the smoothness of the ride but it felt great. Allows for some extra margin of error.

The wheels is probably the next thing i noticed the most. Coming from a set of 20mm profile 1255g clinchers, these wheels are a step in the exact opposite direction. The Enve’s are 60 front (or was it 66?) and 70 rear. In general terms, it is VERY deep.

Today was fairly windy and kurnell being a route that sees riding next to the beach for the majority of the ride i am used to the cross wind/buffeting. On the 20mm profile wheels, i felt nothing. Even in the worst cases it was very unreactive to cross winds. I also rode Kev’s 303 FC for a limited amount of time and on the same night back to back with my 20mm clinchers and i can say that the 303’s were definitely crosswind prone. They might be one of the better pair of wheels but going from my 20mm to the 303 there was no doubt that you can feel it.

When i rode the 6.7 smart’s i didn’t feel much cross wind. Which is weird….i should feel some cross winds. I was monitoring the wind like any cyclist would be attuned to after riding a fair bit and there was definitely moments that my body was telling me to brace for the tug on the wheel but the tug on the wheel never came. Apart from a more gyrosopic effect with direction changes on the 6.7’s i didnt feel it was that much different to riding the 20mm clinchers. Which is very weird. Sure, i am not testing under the exact same circumstances but i am usually pretty sensitive to these kind of things and trust my mind when i feel something. I think what is happening is that there is a tug. But the tug is a very gentle tug. Enve has somehow tuned the aero to reduce the initial impact of the “tug” you experience. So you don’t get that “oh shit” feeling associated with a sudden erratic cross wind. This seem to be universally what other reviewers have found with the enve wheels.

Still, it is a little too early to tell. Today’s crosswind performance was almost too good to be true. I will need to test it on more windy days. I am not wanting 20mm rim profile cross wind performance but as long as it is managable overall across daily riding conditions, this will be the perfect do it all wheelset.

Other thing i found with the wheel is the same finding i found with my mtb wheels. In corners, they are very stiff and precise and go exactly where you point it. A lot of confidence in the corners. It might be because i haven’t ridden on carbon clinchers for awhile.

Overall, i am sooooo happy with the bike and there was definitely moments on today’s ride that i might have had a massive smile on my face in the dark. Probably looked like a retard but that’s ok with me. It helps that i can’t stop looking at it too. Style and substance, i can’t ask for more 🙂

More pics and findings as i put in more kms.

Oh, one bad thing about the wheel i found is the audio resonance it makes. Every carbon wheel makes a different sound when you smash it into something. Some make a dead flat plonk sound, some makes a muffled sound, some make a plink and the enve makes a carbon cracking sound. Probably the worst sound it could make. I am not a carbon virgin and even i pulled over multiple times to inspect the wheel because the wheel sound it seems to resonate is exactly the sound of carbon cracking. Quite disconcerning …..

Another thing is the rim is so wide, the tyres dont cover the edge of the rim. What happens is, when you ride over a rock on an angle it can be sometimes wedged to the side of the tyre and hit the carbon rim. I could feel that happen a few times as i rolled over a couple of pebbles. Still, there seems to be no marks on the wheel so it might be all in my head. Will have to monitor.

A few more detail pics. I swear, i will take full shots soon.


Wishing i was here right about now ….