Twiddling thumbs and wishlisting away

Checking out some rapha gear again and these are a few noted items that i might look into getting.

Pro Team Jersey for those long epic rides. I don’t want another black jersey and the grey appeal so that leaves the white. Except, i am not sure if it is see thru or not. Wouldn’t want that ….

Super Lightweight Jersey which to me is fairly similar in concept to the Pro Team. Just a summer jersey but this has colours i like. I would choose the sky blue one to break up all the black in my wardrobe.

Merino Base layers. Everyone needs base layers and i am a true believer of merino wool on and off the bike.

Pro Team Bib Shorts. I need a premium bib short for longer rides and i really like the extra cushion in the Rapha bibs.

Arm Screens. Not arm warmers but the opposite. They supposedly remain cool but prevent uv damage to your skin.

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