Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone. Here is to a great 2013 for everyone!



Documenting 2013

With the help of these two bad boy’s.

One of the small new year resolution is to take more pictures to document my 2013 with bigger and better photos.

I have always wanted to document my rides a little more (especially mtbing) but it isn’t always easy to do so. I will be trying to do more of just that for the upcoming new year.

Both these are bad boy’s in their own respective class/size. I have to say that Sony is really pushing boundaries and new things in the imaging world that is pretty interesting. I am definitely a fan of their techno geek styling too. I can appreciate the leciaesque/fujifilm styling so find the rx1 a pretty good combo of techno/throwback retro.

I have being reading reviews of these two cameras and sample images and i am wowed for sure.

I guess, you guys will see soon what type of pictures i will produce with them πŸ˜‰


Aussie beach xmas

Headed off to Port Stephen’s for a couple of days to get away from everything Sydney related and i have to admit it is good to go somewhere with no shopping for a change. When there is no bargains to be had, you tend to just relax and wind down, and that is exactly what we did in copious amounts.

It was overcast the first day but we shouldn’t have worried because the aussie sun was back in full force for the next couple of days.

Beach hopping, late night maccas haunt, bad food court food, a lot of sweat and great views was the theme of the trip. I am refreshed to go into 2013 and i have already worked out some new years resolutions.

Wishing everyone a happy new year! May 2013 be your year to fulfill all your goals.





Xmas dinner

Mmmmmm perfect night with family.

34-38 degree day didn’t stop us from riding. Although, in hind sight, there probably have being better days to go riding. Decided to head to manly dam for a ride since Kev is ending his “weak” streak. Always a pleasure to ride MD. Although, i think it is time to head off to tbsm to finally do that fork service.

As soon as i got on the bike, the fork made some weird squeeky sounds and before long, the fork started feeling abnormal. The initial travel became really stiff and the medium stroke – end stroke had no control at all. Charging down the last part saw me nearly OTB as the fork just did not have any control towards the middle/later stages of travel. Forget about consecutive hit control too … Oh well, i have put it off for long enough so it is time to visit Mark and let him work his magic πŸ™‚

I really need some non black sporting clothes too. Today’s weather further emphasised that although no matter what i wear, i would have probably sweated buckets. Love Mtbing. So much fun and i need to put in the effort to ride some of the more far away trails such as Ourimbah and Awaba.

Anybody feeling the effects of the December Christmas rush yet? A time that has you waiting for hours on end in the car park. A time where westfield’s turns into a sardin can filled with money spending patrons. I have a two week break period and to be honest, i am not sure how i am going to make the most of it. Every Christmas i have spent in Australia has being fairly aimless and plotless. Maybe it is my asian descent but i never saw Christmas or new years eve as that big of a deal. The special day comes and passes and i am left wondering if i should feel anything other than a little bit of joy and excitement, which to be fair, are generated by the people around me rather than the date’s themselves.

I feel like blogging tonight but the funny thing is i have absolutely nothing to write. I have never felt more “empty worded”. So you know what, i am not going to fight it. Cya

So over the top i love itttttttttttttttt

950_DSC2563-Redigera-copy jon-olsson-audi-r8-hintertux-_DSC0270-Redigera 705171_10151334606645ybf2o jon-olsson-audi-r8-hintertux-_DSC0252-Redigera1 tumblr_mbjs7mpbh41r4xe0so1_1280 950_DSC5887-Redigera-copy1 950_DSC6088-Redigera-copy

Felix on whatsapp sent a pic of this allroad on bbs ch-r’s and of course i had to hunt it down. Turns out its on a set of 20″ 10.5″ ch-r’s. Looks awesome. Still, i don’t think slamming it is appropriate. I mean, you paid to have the car raised and now you are paying again to lower it. Hmmm

Wonder how it would look raised at normal height with the same wheels. I think a photoshop is in order.

Upon a quick search, i found more pics. Damn, it looks good with the roof carrier pod thing.




Had to revert back to the old blog theme, the other one looked better but this one is a little more functional. Text is too big and i type a lot so i have reverted back to this.

Here’s a long overdue vid of our last stromlo trip.

Turning point

I have always thought of people in life as two kinds. One that doesn’t like change, and one that is stimulated by change.

I would have to say i am definitely of the latter type. No matter what i do, i tend to like change. Even the most hard worn habits can be changed with me. I tend to adapt to change very well.

So it was early 2008 that made a pretty significant lifestyle change. Ever since highschool i had participated in very limited sporting activities. Eating stupidly (1 chicken schnitzle + cheese sandwich) right before sleeping didn’t help matters and i quickly packed on kg’s. I counted 68-70kg at my worst point in life. For someone my height and also asian heritage, that is as good as obese. I felt it too. I felt my body was sluggish. Jumping off simple steps strained my joints and i felt very in mobile. I don’t know what did it but i finally decided to do something about it. Maybe it was the fact that i wanted to try the new nike shoes with those glorified pedometers called nike plus that spurred the start of it all.

I just came back from a run and in the shower i remember that i used to track my runs. My first activities to a healthier lifestyle. Low and behold, i just tried my nike plus account and after a simple password reset i was in. I remembered that i forced myself to stick to a run every two days schedule. I remembered how painful my first run was. The pace was something like 7:27 minutes to a km and i only managed 2.1kms. Still, i kept on and i stuck to my schedule for about 3 months and i think i went from 68-70kg down to about 61-62kg.

At the end of the 3 month, nike plus’s site tells me i dropped down to 5:30 minutes to a km and that is pretty much the same as what i am doing now, except, i am running 7kms instead of 3kms and feel like i can do another 3kms at the same pace.

Around the 3 month mark, i weaved in riding bicycles and i guess the rest of it is history. It hasn’t being all rosey though and i have had to pay a dear dear price for my lifestyle choice. Still, i don’t regret it one bit. 5 years and i am hoping that i will continue it for another 50.

Incidentally, i dropped into a shoe shop yesterday to get my foot measured and the runners equiv of a bike fit. Turns out my runners has always being one size too big and way too lacking in support for my over pronating foot. I have corrected this by purchasing a new pair of Asic Kayano’s and i look forward to running with them. All things said, i don’t really like running but i value the cross training aspect and i am already seeing certain parts of my leg strengthening.

Point of this post? Don’t be fearful of change. Especially positive change. Set out a goal, start small, reward yourself and see where it takes you. You might just be surprised with what you can do!