Turning point

I have always thought of people in life as two kinds. One that doesn’t like change, and one that is stimulated by change.

I would have to say i am definitely of the latter type. No matter what i do, i tend to like change. Even the most hard worn habits can be changed with me. I tend to adapt to change very well.

So it was early 2008 that made a pretty significant lifestyle change. Ever since highschool i had participated in very limited sporting activities. Eating stupidly (1 chicken schnitzle + cheese sandwich) right before sleeping didn’t help matters and i quickly packed on kg’s. I counted 68-70kg at my worst point in life. For someone my height and also asian heritage, that is as good as obese. I felt it too. I felt my body was sluggish. Jumping off simple steps strained my joints and i felt very in mobile. I don’t know what did it but i finally decided to do something about it. Maybe it was the fact that i wanted to try the new nike shoes with those glorified pedometers called nike plus that spurred the start of it all.

I just came back from a run and in the shower i remember that i used to track my runs. My first activities to a healthier lifestyle. Low and behold, i just tried my nike plus account and after a simple password reset i was in. I remembered that i forced myself to stick to a run every two days schedule. I remembered how painful my first run was. The pace was something like 7:27 minutes to a km and i only managed 2.1kms. Still, i kept on and i stuck to my schedule for about 3 months and i think i went from 68-70kg down to about 61-62kg.

At the end of the 3 month, nike plus’s site tells me i dropped down to 5:30 minutes to a km and that is pretty much the same as what i am doing now, except, i am running 7kms instead of 3kms and feel like i can do another 3kms at the same pace.

Around the 3 month mark, i weaved in riding bicycles and i guess the rest of it is history. It hasn’t being all rosey though and i have had to pay a dear dear price for my lifestyle choice. Still, i don’t regret it one bit. 5 years and i am hoping that i will continue it for another 50.

Incidentally, i dropped into a shoe shop yesterday to get my foot measured and the runners equiv of a bike fit. Turns out my runners has always being one size too big and way too lacking in support for my over pronating foot. I have corrected this by purchasing a new pair of Asic Kayano’s and i look forward to running with them. All things said, i don’t really like running but i value the cross training aspect and i am already seeing certain parts of my leg strengthening.

Point of this post? Don’t be fearful of change. Especially positive change. Set out a goal, start small, reward yourself and see where it takes you. You might just be surprised with what you can do!


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