Anybody feeling the effects of the December Christmas rush yet? A time that has you waiting for hours on end in the car park. A time where westfield’s turns into a sardin can filled with money spending patrons. I have a two week break period and to be honest, i am not sure how i am going to make the most of it. Every Christmas i have spent in Australia has being fairly aimless and plotless. Maybe it is my asian descent but i never saw Christmas or new years eve as that big of a deal. The special day comes and passes and i am left wondering if i should feel anything other than a little bit of joy and excitement, which to be fair, are generated by the people around me rather than the date’s themselves.

I feel like blogging tonight but the funny thing is i have absolutely nothing to write. I have never felt more “empty worded”. So you know what, i am not going to fight it. Cya


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  1. Join me for a Christmas service!

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