34-38 degree day didn’t stop us from riding. Although, in hind sight, there probably have being better days to go riding. Decided to head to manly dam for a ride since Kev is ending his “weak” streak. Always a pleasure to ride MD. Although, i think it is time to head off to tbsm to finally do that fork service.

As soon as i got on the bike, the fork made some weird squeeky sounds and before long, the fork started feeling abnormal. The initial travel became really stiff and the medium stroke – end stroke had no control at all. Charging down the last part saw me nearly OTB as the fork just did not have any control towards the middle/later stages of travel. Forget about consecutive hit control too … Oh well, i have put it off for long enough so it is time to visit Mark and let him work his magic 🙂

I really need some non black sporting clothes too. Today’s weather further emphasised that although no matter what i wear, i would have probably sweated buckets. Love Mtbing. So much fun and i need to put in the effort to ride some of the more far away trails such as Ourimbah and Awaba.


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