Documenting 2013

With the help of these two bad boy’s.

One of the small new year resolution is to take more pictures to document my 2013 with bigger and better photos.

I have always wanted to document my rides a little more (especially mtbing) but it isn’t always easy to do so. I will be trying to do more of just that for the upcoming new year.

Both these are bad boy’s in their own respective class/size. I have to say that Sony is really pushing boundaries and new things in the imaging world that is pretty interesting. I am definitely a fan of their techno geek styling too. I can appreciate the leciaesque/fujifilm styling so find the rx1 a pretty good combo of techno/throwback retro.

I have being reading reviews of these two cameras and sample images and i am wowed for sure.

I guess, you guys will see soon what type of pictures i will produce with them 😉



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