Got the roof racks on the allroad finally. The worst thing about certain types of roof racks are the ones that stick like a ladder up into the air. I hate that. Taking advantage of the integrated roof rails on the new car, i made sure to go for the flush option. So much sleeker and so much more streamlined.

I like 🙂

I am getting some whistling from the bike racks though so i will have to sort that out somehow. Funny thing is, the racks make different sounds on different cars and on the A1 it didn’t make any sound at all. Must be certain angles and stuff. Kev said that you can put some tape on the underside and it will silence it so i guess i will give that a go. If it doesn’t work i will make sure to tape his golf gti in electrical tape ……



Weekend so far

Went for a ride yesterday morning and found out quickly that it was going to be a hot Australia day. The ride was uneventful in general which is i guess good news. Had to get home early as had a rather full day on. As soon as i got back, i headed off to TBSM to collect my niner.

Finally, i got the fork serviced and man am i glad that i did it. It is amazing now. So buttery smooth i can’t wait to take it out. I discussed with Simon that my needs are obviously for the most smoothest bump compliance and because i am a lighter guy, small bump compliance was the most important to me. I told him i hardly used the talas feature and due to this, he recommended me to switch over to the float. Call me vain but the float f29 only came in white, i think black was a much better combo for my frame so i took Simon up on this offer and converted my fork over to the float cartridge.

It should be more reliable as well as the float cartridge apparently houses 2x the amount of oil as the talas cartridge which reduces service intervals.

Right after this, we drove to Parra to get my monthly haircut. After this, we headed to Kirribilli to have a free dinner as Ley’s company sponsors the Ensemble theater and watched a play afterwards. Throughly enjoyed the dinner and the play. I had the Prosciutto roll something or rather + spatchcock + affagato. Yummmm

Great view overlooking the boat house that bayly’s restaurant is housed in.

This morning, we woke up early at 6 but headed back to sleep as our original plans of fishing was ruined by the bad weather. Headed over to Eddie’s for a indoor “bbq” and played some card games, had some shots, had some dinner and then finally, giving into our fishing craving, found a spot and went fishing. The team caught 4 fish in total lol

So many idiots on the road today as well, always amazes me how retarded some people can be when they are driving. Enjoying the new car so far 🙂 Very refined and grown up stands true from my last short description.

Went to try Cornersmith in Marrickville today. What was most interesting is to step into Marrickville again. Marrickville is one of those suburbs that i used to frequent as a kid a fair bit and haven’t done so in the last … oh ….. 10 + years? Since it is fairly inner cityish the suburb is in the process of morphing. More and more trendy young people are flocking to it and having places like Cornersmith only encourages this progression. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the old Marrickville and the new Marrickville next to each other.

The food was alright, a little too much salad in my dish but that was more of a choice thing.



Pat’s farewell

Our friend Pat is going away for a couple of month and we thought that we would chuck a little farewell party for him. Since he is a vegan, we decided to theme it around tofu with pairs of people assigned to create a dish each utilising tofu.

Oh yeah, there was a time limit too. I have never seen our kitchen so lively. It was awesome! had awesome fun catching up. Safe flight Pat and see you next time!









This mornings ride. Couldn’t sleep because it was too hot so got up early for a ride in the cooled weather.


Riding to stay cool, thats a new concept.


Mmmm yumcha. Chicken feet seems to be one of the most controversial items on the menu. To me it’s just normal food but i know to many of my caucasian friends, they wouldn’t touch it with a 10foot pole. Would you give it a go?


Belated new years resolution

Who has a list already? I have always wanted to make one and have ideas about what i want to achieve this year but i thought i would just put it to paper/web because that is how to make it more real right?

In no order of importance, i want to


  • Ride more with a more structured approach that i did prior to not giving a fook. Gotta know what i aim for though as i don’t want a repeat of a typical strava race.
  • Do more cross training to become leaner and meaner and finally start working on my upper body
  • Spend more quality time with the family (wife/parents)
  • Challenge myself with work and life in general doing more things i don’t usually do
  • Be more efficient in daily routine
  • Eat better, cook more, live cleaner

Now that i have it listed down, i noticed a lot of it is focused on my health/fitness with strong anchoring points as to how i carry about my daily life. Look forward to achieve some of these goals if not all of them by the end of 2013!

All the best to everyone out there and hopefully noone has broken their new years resolution already (the trick is not to make a easily broken resolution!)

This is probably one of the better/best 86’s modifications i have seen. Of course it comes from factory TRD.

The TRD livery in itself is legendary but if you strip that from the car, you will see what looks like a aero lip molded directly to the front bar (cleaner) and a flared front fender and a cf wing to cover the fake vent on the stock car. Also present are slightly concave te37’s which imo look perfectly understated!