Rode the new trail yesterday and it is MIGHTY fine. A little short atm but the potential is great. From the get go it feels right. It feel’s like a track made straight up for mtbers. Obviously they know what mtbers want in a trail and pretty much all the sections flow great. Is it technical? A lot of the sections ain’t that technical but due to the way it is constructed, if you go fast, you can get in some real trouble. There are 1 or 2 notable obstacles that presents a real challenge to most mtbers.

It feels like quite a different trail due to the woodwork that is generously scattered across the trail. It is also shaded for most of the run so an excellent pic on a hot summers day. Just watch out on a rainy day as the wood can and will turn dangerous.

This is what MTB is all about imo and you know it is a good trail when you have done minimal distance but maximised the fun aspect. Cliffy and I spent the effort to take some pictures especially since it is a new trail. Check them out below.

Niner update

Where is my suspension fork? I really need to rebuild the fork now but unfortunately TBSM only opens tomorrow. I really want to learn how to rebuild my own fork and rear shock as i feel that is the final piece of the puzzle i need to learn when it comes to maintaining my bikes. In other news, i will be looking to change to the previously mentioned MRP single spiderless chainring soon as i can’t stand the creaking anymore.

Else wise, the bike is still everything that i have mentioned previously. Very fast rolling and still technical adapt. From the small play on the woodwork it is fine for that too. The 29er wheelbase would make negotiating skinnies a little harder though i am assuming.







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