2nd last day of holidays!

As the holiday comes to a conclusion, i feel compelled to do more and more on my remaining free days/nights.

Today started with a trip for some sushi.


Followed by scouring endless row’s of sale items in shops.


Done in the city. Time to head over to parents place!


Played with the bird a little more and she is settling in quite well now! Still so cute…tweet tweet


I also washed the car but i have no photos of that. Headed over to someone with a lot of toy’s for dinner.


Where we had “viet rice paper roll’s for dinner”. Brandon, there was no prawns.





After which we decided a bit of froyo was in order. Hence Noggi.


Got home not long ago and put the bike back together in anticipation of tomorrow’s ride. Should be good! I am needing a fork service really bad now though. What a productive day! Always love it when i get heaps of stuff done and most of it goes according to plan 🙂


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5 responses to “2nd last day of holidays!

  1. Where are you riding Jing?

    Been hanging to get out on my bike again

  2. Hey dude,

    riding old man valley which is the new hornsby trail at 8am! Quarry rd meetup if you are keen.

    My phone number has changed so call 0400164124 if you are coming.

  3. Oh ok. Would be keen if i still lived in Castle Hill but coming from Appin its one hell of a drive ;(

    If you happen to change plans and ride down this way or Manly Dam leave a reply here. WIll check it when i get up.I might go ride Manly Dam

    • Brad

      aging brad I think you left the wrong phone number but I will be joining you for the ride be there as soon as I can

  4. Bradley

    Hi jing I think you left the wrong mobile number I will be joining you for the ride see you soon as I can

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