Belated new years resolution

Who has a list already? I have always wanted to make one and have ideas about what i want to achieve this year but i thought i would just put it to paper/web because that is how to make it more real right?

In no order of importance, i want to


  • Ride more with a more structured approach that i did prior to not giving a fook. Gotta know what i aim for though as i don’t want a repeat of a typical strava race.
  • Do more cross training to become leaner and meaner and finally start working on my upper body
  • Spend more quality time with the family (wife/parents)
  • Challenge myself with work and life in general doing more things i don’t usually do
  • Be more efficient in daily routine
  • Eat better, cook more, live cleaner

Now that i have it listed down, i noticed a lot of it is focused on my health/fitness with strong anchoring points as to how i carry about my daily life. Look forward to achieve some of these goals if not all of them by the end of 2013!

All the best to everyone out there and hopefully noone has broken their new years resolution already (the trick is not to make a easily broken resolution!)

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