Got the roof racks on the allroad finally. The worst thing about certain types of roof racks are the ones that stick like a ladder up into the air. I hate that. Taking advantage of the integrated roof rails on the new car, i made sure to go for the flush option. So much sleeker and so much more streamlined.

I like 🙂

I am getting some whistling from the bike racks though so i will have to sort that out somehow. Funny thing is, the racks make different sounds on different cars and on the A1 it didn’t make any sound at all. Must be certain angles and stuff. Kev said that you can put some tape on the underside and it will silence it so i guess i will give that a go. If it doesn’t work i will make sure to tape his golf gti in electrical tape ……



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  1. TOU93

    I put gaffa tape under the plastic box section the attaches to the front cross bar and it stopped most of the whistling, I’m getting one of those wind deflector things just to be USDM stylez.

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