Happy new year!

Again…. Chinese new year that is.

Dropped into a temple far far away yesterday night for our yearly routine. The smoke stung my eyes as usual but the fireworks was always uplifting. Something about fireworks that never fails to enchant people time and time again.

I wished for the same things i always wish for. Here’s to a healthy and prosperous new year! Happy new year to everyone else as well (again).

Finished off around 1230 and the long drive + shower got me to sleep at around 2am. Woke up around 7 for a ride with Brandon and Matt. Rare that they have the time to ride so i wasn’t going to back out even if it wasn’t the best timing wise.

Really liking my RX100. I just carry it now pretty much everywhere and when i feel like taking a pic, i have it there ready.

Overall pretty happy with the amount of riding i have done this weekend. Definitely something i want to keep up and with my plans to start regularly commuting, it should be a positive start to the new year *at least fitness wise*.


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