Finally i have a cx bike

I doubt i will do any cx on it and at the most i will ride the oaks or something. Having disc brakes on a roadieish setup is definitely good for commuting though. You never know when you might just need the stopping power. Still, i see myself riding some 50km rides no problems on the bike. I wanted to differentiate between the BMC and the Crux so their tasks will not overlap. I realised why designers like doing what they do in a way. You kinda have a fleeting idea in your mind but to watch it get carried out, patiently waiting for little pieces here and there to arrive and all the while, in your mind, you are wondering how it will work together. The more i build bikes, the more i realise that the bikes i build tend to be closer and closer to my first mental thoughts. The crux turned out pretty much 99% of what i envisioned it. I spent my time tonight building it up. It is still not done yet but the moment i slotted the wheels onto the frame was when the shape of the bike was taking hold. To say the least i am very happy with the execution of the bike and glad that everything has kinda turned out fine.

The only weird thing is the carbon fork has a metal reinforcement plate in it. Of course, when i slammed the stem and cut the steerer it rendered it unable to take a compressor plug. I will take it to my local bikeshop and let them handle that. Doubt it would be much issues for them to remove as they always seem to be able to fix my cockups.

This was the way it was previously

This is the frame after it arrived after a refinish to my specs. I kept it simple with s-w0rks labeling and a S logo on the headbadge. Yes i know it isn’t really a s-works but whatever, i like the logo and i think the fewer letters looks better vs specialized.

A closer look at the details. Still weird to see discs on a roadie type frame.

I realised i failed already in this build. I already care too much about the bike to commute on it. LOL FML…..Ahhh whatever, will just ride it and let it take its course. Weight? Don’t know, probably 8-9kg???


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2 responses to “Finally i have a cx bike

  1. *stew*

    nice bike. Can I ask where you got the frame refinished? It looks great. Also, are those tubs???

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