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Bday tradition

It has become a group tradition. What started as little alternate ways to give a gift has turned into a full and elaborate prank ritual.

It was Matt’s turn and he thought he was safe, BUTTTTTTTTTT we got him….we got him good!

So we let his real bday pass and for him to let his guard down and we pranked him in the worst way possible. Matt runs a photography business so we set about creating a fake persona to liase with Matt, setting us up for a meeting where we would eventually surprise him. Surprise we did…..

We turned up today to be greeted by an angry Matt as he felt he got stuff around by this fake persona but all things were quickly forgiven (i think so anyways) when he realised who it really was.

Gift’s was given and dinner was had and afterwards we chatted and pretended like nothing happened waiting patiently for the next in line bday.

Bday boy

One of the bday presents. iPhone case with twistable filters! Have at you instagram.

Ribs n Rumps had pretty crappy service today.

Finished but still a long chat ahead of us