Crux shakedown + first commute

Yesterday i decided to go for a ride. I have being feeling crap and not really at it and i needed some riding back in my life. Finally the crux was all ready to go and i took it around SOP for a coupla laps. Funny thing is even without adjusting the saddle, it was at the right height. Just hop on and go :p

From the get go though, it felt like a pretty slow bike. All the way down to SOP was hmmmm like riding with the brakes rubbing or something. I put it down to a heavier bike and knobbly tyres and solidered on.

About 20kms into the ride i decided to make sure everything was alright. Lifted the back wheels, tried to spin it….OHhhhhhhhhhhhh i see now…. the brakes were actually rubbing and actually quite severely. So bad that the calipers was untouchable as they had being pretty much clamping the disc all this time.


Set it up again and off i go. Alright, this is more like it!

What did i think of the bike? Hmmm, GEO is setup fairly similar to my BMC. Slammed stem and all but one thing that is very noticable is how much further up front the front wheel is indicating a slacker head angle. Despite this though the bike is still fairly twitchy and maneuverable. I am running the tyres at around 60psi and to be honest, this bike isn’t all that comfy. The bump control is not as good as the bmc and the first bit of the impact is fairly muffled due to the bigger tyres but there is still a fair bit of bite in each bump.  Unlike on the BMC where it just absorbs the bump instead. Still, there is something very solid feeling to this bike. Probably due to the fact that it weighs 9kgs or maybe the fact that it has disc brakes but it felt good to ride around in urban conditions with kerbs here and there and massive potholes and stuff. Perfect for commuting then.

The disc brakes are pretty amazing. At first i wasn’t really blown away by them but little by little i realised that they were significantly stronger. One of the first moments i realised was the simple process of dismounting. In the bmc i am used to unclipping the left foot and whilst braking i would coast to a stop nice and smoothly. In the crux as soon as i unclipped there was a sudden motion of stopping and it was definitely not smooth. Definitely stronger and id say it is good to have stronger brakes whenever possible.

This morning i decided to finally commute. Not sure what took me so long but of course i feel all that much better for it. Felt so alive at work. Had a shower when i got in and it couldn’t have being easier. I see myself doing this more often or at least i would hope so.


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