Banshee Phantom

Banshee Phantom just sounds right together eh? This is a new prototype from banshee bikes and first thought is “this looks like the type of bike i like”. A blend of xc speed with trail capabilities. This is apparently set for release in 2014-2015.

Is it going to ride much different to a well sorted 120mm carbon 29er like the niner jet 9 rdo or the tallboy? no idea. It definitely is slightly slacker though. Still, i always had a great time with the banshee spitfire so i look forward to this bike! Of course the colourway is right up my ally too 🙂




Wine country

Headed down to huntervalley for a quick weekend getaway and enjoyed the relaxed lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Got in some wine tasting and some awesome food as well.