2014 Santa Cruz Solo

It is hard getting excited about a new bike when, well, it looks exactly like the 8 other bikes in your portfolio…..

Still, the concept here is what is exciting for me.

Not too long ago (2-3 years?) came a new concept of trail bikes. 120mm-125mm travel bikes which had a long top tube ran a short stem and had reasonably slack headtube angles for bikes of that travel category at the time. Oh yeah, also a very low BB. I believe the spitfire started it and then the yeti asr5 followed and then later came the santacruz trc.

The spitfire was awesome but was a little too slow to actually race. The yeti was awesome fun and still one of the most fun bikes i have ridden and 100% raceable although on those long firetrail climbs you might have wished for a slightly “smarter” suspension system. The santacruz trc would have being nice to try as the vpp2 sus would have made it fun but also very competitive when it came to actually doing some racing. Still, the 29er golden age came around and mostly these type of new age bikes got swept aside. The key 29er 100mm travel bikes at the time and now are more technically adapt then the “trail” bikes of that era and is also faster so it kinda makes those bikes a moot idea. Still though i would argue the 26er yeti asr5-c was more fun then my niner for sure. Not as technically adapt but when i was in the right mood, damn it was good …..

So here comes the new SOLO. They basically took the 120-125mm travel bikes that i am so fond of and then shod in some 650b wheels. You can see why i am interested now right? In my mind i am hoping the bike takes on a medium ground between my niner interms of how technically adapt it is but also adopt the fun-ness of the yeti.

Appearance wise, im pretty sick of the SC look but ideal wise, i think this one works well for my type of riding.

Will research further hmmmmm

I reckon i can build a 650b 120mm travel trail bike for around the 9.3-9.5kg mark 🙂



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2 responses to “2014 Santa Cruz Solo

  1. Brad

    Saw the Bronson yesterday at TBSM, look spretty cool and at about $6k for X0/XT kit not badly priced i reckon

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