Plans – BRZ

So after the DC5 which i lost interest in by potentially modifying it too much, i set about asking myself what i wanted to do with the BRZ. Well for one from the impressions i gathered, i wanted the car to remain as useable as possible. I wanted to have no hesitation in driving the car out and for that to happen the car has to be drivable everywhere. I knew straight away at that point that even if i was to mod the BRZ it would be very light mods for the fear of it ruining the greatness of the car in it’s stock form.

I also wanted to track again. On the DC5 i piled on the mods and never really did experience the car in it’s stock form. Of course a modified car is always harder to drive vs a stock one, so this time around, i set a rule for performance orientated mods.

I said to myself that basically no mods that would change the lap time of the BRZ would be allowed until i hit a certain time at wakefield. I researched around on what a good baseline time was and found that John Boston did a 1:14:17 in a stock stock trim 86. It was actually very hard to find baseline times on the car and either people are not noting it down on the internet or they never tracked the car in stock form.

As such i set myself a time of 1:14:xx prior to doing any performance mods. This way i can learn how the car handles in it’s stock form and also know specifically what it’s short comings are and how best to improve it. I knew it was going to be hard though as John Boston is a professional driver who does what he does for a living.

I set a cheat for myself though by saying “performance” mods so i was free to do little things.

Immediately i replaced the stock shift knob for a better and understated moonface aluminium shift knob. I actually spent way too much time researching exactly which shift knob i wanted but finally decided on this one. Only downside is the finish is quite slippery but i found that you will only really slip when you are not paying attention. During spirited driving or circuit, i have never slipped.


JDMyard also installed red lens Tom’s taillights for me as well. My god what a difference these lights make. I don’t classify this as a mod as it should have come from the factory in the first place! Added bonus is it matches the front of the BRZ lights very well. Audiesque LED lighting.

Also noticed that a lot of the US BRZ’s looked better and after close inspection it was because foglights are an option over there. So whilst many of the US guys were acquiring “JDM foggies”i was trying to research what the part number was to delete the fog lights. After much research and confirmation, found the part number and placed the order on some subaru parts website in US and $20 bucks later i had the grill panels which suited cars without fog lights. Installed it myself in 30 minutes and marvelled at what a difference it makes. It is always the little things and in this case it was super cheap as well.

These are the only “mods” i have carried out on the BRZ for now.


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2 responses to “Plans – BRZ

  1. edward

    Any chance you still have the fog light delete part #? I’ve been looking to do the same.

    • hey mate, part number is here i purchased through subaru parts warehouse. just search for it on their site.

      Make: Subaru

      Make: Subaru

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