Just realised that i have built up a new bike without documenting it here. Blasphemy!

I guess we can do this backwards. Recently, i have changed from my long standing tradition of using continental tyres and switched to michelin tyres. It was partly onset by an article i read on pro’s using only 25cc now. Then wiggle had a special on michelin pro 4’s so i decided to get a pair. 

Spent a good amount of time getting it on the lightweights. It was super tight to say the least and the profile at first wasn’t that much fatter. I think that is to do with lightweights pretty oldschool narrow rim design vs the new rims from enve and zipp’s. Regardless, i got it on and went for a spin and to my surprise, there was some awful rubbing sounds. Finally i found out that the tyre was rubbing on the rear brakes. That obviously meant the tyres ballooned out a little more and had a taller profile. Adjusted the brakes accordingly and went for a spin.

Fast forward to first ride on the tyres. Surprised instantly at how much smoother they are vs the old gp4000’s. They just seemed to roll better and better. Further to that, they feel super grippy on turn in. I used to get this weird understeery feeling in the wet going down some mountains on the sl4. I have heard this was an issue with the smaller sl4 frames but it will be good to see if these tyres counteract that. They are definitely by all parts better than the gp4000’s so far. Only thing that isnt proven is the puncture proofing aspect. That, only time can tell i guess?

I will document the sl4 build shortly. It is by far the slickest bike i have put together and have a lot of little things i am quite proud of. The bike weighs sub 6kg and runs on clincher wheelsets.  


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